~The learning curve~

Every step in our life is a learning. We are constantly engaging in something or else, improving skills and always on a lookout for better opportunities. Each of our experiences are different in each phase of life and with these encounters, we learn from our mistakes, grow and have become who we are today. The people around us, the circumstances that we have been in, the lessons that we are taught or not, when we do something wrong, shapes and defines us. There are many characteristics , values that are imbibed in us as kids, and stay forever, yet there can be some personal traits that change in us as we mature.

We have all known of some kids who are very naughty during their childhood become completely opposites when they grow old. Similarly there are some who remember themselves being an introvert when they were young, and are extroverts now. There is a huge difference in their persona which is pretty interesting to understand. There is no right or wrong but all of this is an observational study of how our mind grows.

The same topic was being discussed during our visit to the amusement park. The place which is exhilarating and exciting, often involves long queues is a kingdom of different games and rides. The feeling of the wind passing by, the tracks sweeping underneath, being on the flight with everyone who is there for the same fight of returning back to the start is an adventure in itself. All of us were excited for the roller coaster rides, yet we had certain level of fear. Most of us had a similar story, we would never be scared of these adventures on an early age, but it had started to creep in as we grew older. Some also shared that they would panic as kids when the rides went upside down and not feel safe in them, while on the contrary, now, they could spend the entire day in the amusement park. I guess same is the case with heights, some individuals start getting a fear after a certain age.

In all of this, it is amusing to observe how our mind changes with our body. From the time we are toddlers, our brains are adapting, learning, choosing our likes and dislikes, making memories and more. If we notice there are lot of changes happening while we grow, some we observe while some we don’t. All in all, we become smarter and sharper, earning the wisdom that truly only comes with life experiences.

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