The ” VOW “::*

Our society is such an important part in our life that we bind ourselves to it.                There is so much of responsibility that we have towards it that at times we do things which are way diverse than what we would have done if it was just left on us. Similarly,the boundaries and expectations that lie on each family is unimaginable at times.

Coming together of each family is the best part about weddings. But then its not necessary to meet the people that you love only at the time of such events. We need to prioritize our thoughts and make time for our loved ones.Each type of wedding has a charm in it. It should be done in a way that is comfortable for both the bride and groom. Some Indian weddings, there is so much that is done that the ones getting married cannot recall much about their wedding.The bridal shopping, and the dance and music all the time is when the Indian wedding is called “A BIG FAT WEDDING” . The English wedding on the other hand is way different with other rituals.The best part is the speech of the best man and the bridesmaid. The rehearsal, menu-tasting and everything just being next to perfect .All in all, it just needs to be simple and extravagant.Moreover, it just the feeling of being US  that makes it more special. Lately, loads of celebrities from the Hollywood have had an Indian wedding. Its a very normal trait of human beings, who are inclined more towards what they don’t have.

Weddings, even if it is a one-time event can be done in a very smaller yet in a grand way by calling just the people that you want to .There are so many events in the wedding, and so much of show at times which really needs to be pulled down. And even when the educated bunch talk about dowry and match weddings by the investment that each family can make,it gives me a thought of repulsion.  Its just not correct when such a beautiful relationship between two people is considered that ways!!

Weddings is such an important part in each one’s life!! And that day is way precious for the Bride and Groom than anyone else. So, set them free, let them loose , so they can capture each moment of  their valued treasure:)


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