The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page:*

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Each travel is an adventure and travelling is the best thing ever. There are just a few of us who don’t like travelling, exploring and going to new places and learning about different cultures. If the majority loves to go to destinations they have never been to why don’t we travel more often? What’s the limitation on taking a vacation once in 3 month? It could be a day break, could be a week, depending on how much time you can set apart from your schedule.

The strange are those who cannot plan their outing and postpone each time as they think that it is not the right time or they are too busy. If you map in detail, the journey turns our exactly as you had planned but the fun cannot be compared to last minute plans. Imagine, you reach out at the airport of an unknown city, and you have no idea where are you going next – where will you be crashing at night, how many days are you going to stay. If you are in love with the place you might just stay there for a month or else move out in ten days and then you start to sketch out the rest of the vacation. Which all countries should be next?? Or where should I go now?? You can just choose from the map. I would love to experience that someday.

Travelling gives me that booster, it’s an energy that my body needs, and it not only rejuvenates and relaxes it’s like a therapy which should be tried by all. I have not been to many places but the memories I have had of my travels are beyond perfection. Learning about so many things, the way people live, how each individual that you come across has something to offer, the landscapes, the nature, spending a day in the beaches with the crystal clear water to singing your favorite song on the top of the hill where you can just see greens and the sight that you would want to capture in your eyes forever. It can teach you so much which cannot be learnt from any book or others stories. You have to be ready for it yourself – for the voyage. I envy the ones who have travel as their career.  If you want to grow, want to discover, at least make a trip in 6 months and guess what you will be travelling 80 countries only. So what you waiting for!

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