Uncertainty equals reality:*

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about this topic and here I am writing about it. The day of 14th January 2017 has left all of us with questions which remain unanswered. Losing Popsy all of a sudden on a Saturday morning still gives me goosebumps when I think about that particular day. I do not want to believe that he is no more because that is what keeps me going. The day I start accepting and trusting that I will never see him again during this life time, my heart is going to break into pieces. The pieces which will crush every bit of me.

I still wonder to this day on how the heart can possibly just stop. How can things happen so quickly, and fast, and without any warnings? How is a person not given a chance to say his last few words to his favorite people? How can life of a person, including each one of us be so uncertain? We all have read this in books, and we discuss the phase “Life is uncertain” a lot of times. Do we actually believe in any of it religiously? Are we ready to let one of our closest people go away?

All of this doesn’t mean that we need to be ready to face death every moment and every second. This only means that we should understand that this can happen to any one of us and when it does there will be no acceptance of it for the longest time. If we have the belief that it is now or never, the fear of lot of things to be done in life gets removed and procrastination is no longer there.  We need to be aware of the fact that life is not in our hands. We need to stop taking our body for granted because it is not ours. We are mere puppets of the almighty and the last breath that we have in this world is again not in our control. Any person who is born in this world has to part, sooner or later.

Many do not understand the meaning of the vicious circle of life and death, the way Karma revolves. There are kids who are born without one parent, there are children who lose their parent in an early age, and there are parents who have seen their kids passing away in front of them. How would they know what is happening and who would teach them that this is the certain truth of life and we are all here to follow our duties?   This is when the school should introduce the subject of spirituality/ discourses, the one course which is so important to be getting to know the true meaning of life.

P.S:- I miss you every morning.

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