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How wonderful would it be if we could travel each month in a year, take some days off from our busy schedules, and just go off exploring different places. Each trip need not be fancy, neither luxurious travelling is required, but being a wanderer at times is necessary. It takes us out from many troubles and questions that we have been finding answers to. We get to know what we are seeking in life and the best decisions are made when we have taken the leap of faith.To travel is to take a journey into ourselves. It again depends on what type of a traveler we are; the budgeted ones who want to discover each attraction possible, experience all the adventures or do we belong to the next category for whom travelling is about holidaying and relaxing.

We should make our plans to travel once a quarter, even if it is for the weekend . Every destination has so much to learn and so many memories to create. There is something about travel and the varied people that we meet, the different lifestyles that we may adopt, the cultures that we start loving, and customs we make ourselves part of.

Since I have been travelling often, it’s been an amazing journey and how I wish one day I can6c2b21a03e35d700e0d254ea77f68ba2 make memories all around the world. And how I pray I get paid while I leave my trail all across and get richer with thousands of experiences out of my comfort zone. From the yellow sand dunes, to the view of magnificent hills, from the heart throbbing bungee to white water rafting and hitch hiking, it’s been a crazy ride, and looking forward for more to follow and add on to my lists.

The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time. There is a different charm to this line which says:: DON’T BE A TOURIST, BE A TRAVELER 🙂



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