It’s been four years since I have been writing, and something which started as penning down in a diary, made me get a domain for myself:- shikhabahety.com. It has been a great ride since then and I have loved writing. It helps me express, emote and when I think about it, I would suggest each one to get in the practice of writing. There is nothing better than words. I have written about random topics, about conversations that I have with a friend, about things that I bypass every day, the new places that I have explored, basically anything and everything.

Writing has always given me strength, power and inner peace. I have been writing every single day since a week, and I feel so much lighter. The day I don’t write I think that I am missing something from my daily routine. There is so much to write about, every situation can be made into a writing topic. It’s the discipline that one needs to have to be writing continuously. Since last year, I have been procrastinating to write many a times and this has resulted in pile of subjects to write about. I wish I had written at that time because whenever the thought gets old, the essence of writing is not the same.

Writing is never a onetime expression. I love reading my previous writings and I smile on the words and the different incidents and state that made me write. It gives in fond memories and also makes one proud when there is thousands of viewership of the article which gets published in national dailies. There are different sets of writers. Some who write for themselves and do not want to publish what is in their mind, while some do not mind if others read their blogs. It is more of sharing an experience and reflection of what they think and who they are. There are many who are very precise while they write and there are many who use very tough language which makes it hard for the reader.

I feel a piece should be the one which when read by the reader feels like a story that one can relate to, should be one that one is wanting to write themselves but do not have exact description or words, one that is inspirational to read. Writing is so beautiful that connects one with thousands of people and makes them relive or experience what one has been going through. Writing is so strong that can change one’s perception on and about writing itself and make people scribble their hearts out.

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