7 strange habits of people as they stand on the queue of ATM

This is a situation that all of us have been through, and I have experienced this scenario many a times in my life. This is when one does not like waiting, yet has to wait for their turn. I am sure by now, the readers are inquisitive about what scenario am I relating to and talking about. This is about the strangest activities individuals have as they wait for their turn to take some cash out from the automated teller machine. These are some on the list and the readers are welcome to add more.


  1. There are some people who take an entire lifetime inside the ATM area. Once could be their negligence towards their pin number or the other could be that they do not know how to operate the machine. Either way they should understand that automated teller machine is fast money and they are many who are waiting outside as they are still figuring out how to use it.
  2. How can I forget some customers who are in a rush, that they would not give two minutes to a person who has just walked towards the machine? They are half way through the door while the customer is still counting or receiving his cash from the teller.
  3. Some simply love to make small talk as they are waiting in line with the fellow peeps and hearing these conversations is the most entertaining.
  4. There are probabilities of cash machine having an internal problem in its system which might not work at certain locations some time. I have seen people being scared when the machine does not give out cash of the amount inserted and they are terrified on what is it, that isn’t working. That is when they try their pin code time and again, which still does not solve their purpose.
  5. One needs to know that checking ones pin if correct or not on the phone for the tenth images (5)time will not dispense out cash from the machine.
  6. The most annoying are individuals who wait in the queue and constantly look at each activity the customers are involved in. They remind me of stalkers who are glued to each move of the customers and is definitely creepy.
  7. The last ones are the categories who are smartest yet dumb and try hurrying with the images (4)automated teller machine which gets their card stuck inside the machine or withdraw an extra zero than the figure required.

With dependability on plastic cards, people carry lesser money. This has resulted as a bane in lot of emergency situations. Be it while one has to pay smallest amount for chocolates or be it at the time of travel on a public transportation, one should keep cash in hand. Also, as online banking and transactions has been common among this generation, we need to be careful as there are lots of fraudulent cases arising with the easiness.

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