Innocence at its best:*

Today was the 55th event of the The KTM Drive, and till this date we feel that each drive IMG_20151011_124436has been a different experience. There is a different level of enthusiasm that we have and there is so much to learn each time. We had been thinking of giving out free saplings at Bhat Bhateni complex since the longest time, but with what is happening in the country it made no sense. As I always say every event makes us meet new people and interesting instances happen, the thought of giving out saplings to the kids came from one of our last events.

Let me give you guys a flashback, since I have not been writing for The Ktm Drive for a while, here it goes. We had an event at Bhat Bhateni, Pulchowk as our previous event. We gave out tree saplings to lot of individuals for free and asked them to take good care of the green. When we were about to close the event, we saw three people discussing. We weren’t sure if it was about our event, but we went and approached them. We got to know that Katie was volunteering at Sagarmatha Boarding Academy, Kapan and as part of the course she was teaching them on how to grow plants in a bottle. She was looking out for saplings for her next activity at school. And there it was a destined meeting between us. We wanted to give out saplings and they were looking out at places to get them. So as we spoke we exchanged contact numbers and the same weekend we were at the school. We conducted a fun event with the students as we planted many saplings. We made groups and chose our plants.  As I was taking suggestion about the different locations where we could place similar activity, the principal of the school recommended us to give out the saplings to the kids. We loved the idea as that would create awareness at home and parents would love being involved with their children and their plantation idea.


So we went to Euro Kids, and collected the kids of upper kindergarten in the garden. We IMG_20151011_140942had fun conversations with them. As we asked them lot of questions, their answers were amusing to us. One said he had 1000 trees at his house and the other one said the trees if taken care of will reach till the clouds. These kids were naughty and their smiles and innocence melted our heart. We gave saplings to the kids who had an open space at their homes. We told them this was a Dashain gift from us, and they could give this gift to the elderly at home. The ones who did not have a garden, we made them plant at the premises of the school.



The best part about these little kids was they did not care about anything and were IMG_20151011_134154carefree in life. They would start a topic out of nowhere and suddenly jump onto something else. We loved their company and taught them how to plant a tree and made them name each sapling. There was this one kid who told me that she would plant this tree with her granddad. They wouldn’t stop telling us their plans which made us more excited. We asked them to click pictures for us and they promised to do so.

After we gave out eighty saplings to these kids, the smile on their faces were adorable. And with these events we wish that we could spread more laughter, smiles and love with our events. #sackfullofhappiness


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