TIA :- The Ineffective Arrival


All of us have had many airport incidents and stories to share. It could be while we were boarding our flights or as we waited for our friends or relatives to arrive, the hustle bustle at the airport has always left me with lot of emotions.  The wait that people have for their loved one is too extended at times and the look on their faces is worth a click when they see their own. As amazing as it is to receive your loved one at the airport, goodbyes are difficult for all.

As we are talking about the only international airport that we have in Nepal, the place which connect us to the world is lively all the time. It is amusing to see people’s reaction while they are leaving the country for the first time and the conversation that many have at the airport is interesting. The most annoying part is during the security check-ins where the officers are busy talking and least on their duty. There have been times when the restrooms of the international airport stinks more than a garbage pile. There is no escape then to accept that this is the situation of the airport where thousands of people depart and arrive.

There are many complaints for the conveyor belt not working by the passengers. There 1396340201904
are times when there are only two belts working out of four which delays the baggage’s of the flights landing around the same time. It sure is chaos during the late evening schedule where passengers have waited hours for their luggage and so have the members of the family who have come to pick them up. There are instances when suitcases are lost and misplaced and the authority concerned is nowhere to be found. Even if there are authorities around I have heard some baggage’s not reaching to the owner for more than two weeks. This has been a major disappointment for tourists especially when they have flown through transit via another country or vice-versa. There have been times when the airport is super crowded that there is no place to step on the escalator to get to the ground floor while arriving. The immigration is pretty lenient here as compared to the other countries. Lastly, our airports is the least engaging and entertaining, be it for the people on the waiting area, or at the departure section, the shops are not appealing at all.


Nevertheless, there is different feeling as I depart from this place, as I bid goodbye to the
roads and try to find my house while taking off. It happens each time while I am departing and I promise myself to be back on this land, to look at the mountains and hills, while I near the country, which has taken my heart away.

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