Do you have a carpool story to share?

Carpool Kathmandu is the best thing that has happened in K-town with around a lakh members in the group. The facebook group which was started before a few weeks has helped thousands of people reach their destination. The group has made it very easy. One has to be connected to their facebook group and check if a post related to the destination they are looking out at is offered.  The #ASK #OFFER #FILLED makes it simple for travelers to look for people matching their route and seek for a lift or provide one. When the #OFFER is filled the post is edited to #FILLED which makes it clearer for the person wanting to take a lift. Kudos to administrators of the group who put the idea together.  This has emerged numerous lovely stories and has initiated an act of giving in each individual.

There is a carpool story that is shared every other hour and it is amazing to see how people have come together at this difficult time. With every good side of the story, there have been some stories which have made people rethink about taking a lift with a stranger. Since there are two sides to everything, these stories can be neglected and we individuals should not hesitate on offering or asking for a lift. There are many who are not on the carpool group and have helped around in their own ways. A cardboard/ paper giving the route that they are travelling is kept in front of their cars/ bikes and anyone can ask for a lift if going to the same place.

There are many who have purchased bicycles and lot of people walk to their workplace. The public transport is filled with people more than their occupancy and the passengers are making themselves comfortable on the roof of the public buses which is a scary sight to see. There are many who wait for the public transport for hours and only if they are lucky they get a space.

As the group members are increasing, the posts in the group are doubling. The most amusing part is some individuals do not understand the value of the group and start unnecessary conversation. The idea was generated by these awesome individuals and now it’s our responsibility to run the group smoothly. It must be hard for the admin to control the number of posts, the least we can do is stick to the message this group was created for. Hopefully, after the blockade is over, we maintain carpooling each day. We thank the administrators (Sumana Shrestha & Manish Shrestha) for coming up with a wonderful idea which has made a change and a society of “car-poolians” in town:)

Never too late to be a part of a great cause, here’s the link :-


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