Brighter side of “When will it end?” :*

Each one of us is wondering when the situation of our country will be stable and better, looking at the present scenario. The basic necessities of living are difficult to obtain. With every passing day the tolerance level of citizens of this country is maintained but not for long. There are thousands who have already lost their patience and given up on the land they belong to, and on the circumstances.

Let us rewind and see the small things that we are fighting for.  There is no stock of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the market, the petrol pumps have been shut for the longest of time, and the increase in the prices of food products is making it hard for families to sustain. The schools are closed because the buses cannot ply without petrol and the government is planning on a fourteen day holiday for Dashain instead of seven. The prices of the flight tickets are double and the taxis on road quote an amount that comes to their mind. The public transportation is carrying passengers double their occupancy causing lot of accidents on streets. To add to it, hotels and restaurants are shutting down as they have run out of supplies. Were we having lesser problems already to face these new ones?

Just when we were getting back to normalcy after the devastating earthquake earlier this
year, we are back in the situation where we are struggling for basics for our everyday life.
The tourism sector which plays a vital role in our economy and now being one of the best times to visit our country will again pass a dilemma.

To think about it, every position and problem teaches us a lot and there is a brighter side download (2)to it. The strong jolt on 25th April, 2015 made us realize how strong we could be, and how we stood together and united. Everyone was helping in whatever form they could and reached places and met people they never knew. We are people who have adjusted and compromised in each step. It has taught us to deal in any condition and make the most of it. A brighter side on the time now: – There are many who are travelling in bicycles to reach their destination which has made the traffic in the city one third of what it was and also an everyday exercise of a 10 km ride is a healthier lifestyle. With lesser vehicles, there is lesser pollution, which gives us fresh air and time to star gaze on a clear night sky.

As said:- No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the BRIGHT side of things~

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