All men are the same:*

This piece goes out to all the boys out there! There are two things that we are going to talk about; one of them is how each man thinks that he is different than the others. It is so amusing how every boy tries convincing the thought process of each guy excluding him is the same. They surely need a reality check on that. The next one is how some men have not revolutionized their thoughts, and follow the old school. Since it is an interesting topic, it should be read in own discretion!!

Let’s start with the first one, when I say all men are the same doesn’t mean the way men are in relationships, the way men agree more on physical appearance. How an attraction is about the chase, and once the persuasion leads to getting the person to fall in love, and finally taking the relationship for granted. We are not talking in terms of relationship. It is trying to make the opposite gender accept that the views and thoughts of each man are similar and they cannot defend themselves saying that they consider things in another way. They are all clear and practical on things, they can’t pretend to make someone happy; they grow with time and want people around them to understand the priority of their work.

Another view is an argument which is: – there are very few men who voice their opinions. It will be clearer with this example. There are boys who have been studying abroad and since they are independent and work by themselves, some divide the house chores among their flat mates. The whole scenario changes when they are married. They do not help with the house work and neither do they try changing the old ways which have been going on in their home. When asked what kind of person they want to spend their life with, most of the boys will differentiate the characteristic in a woman when it comes to dating and getting married to. It is super strange on why men do not transform when they get back as they have seen and experienced things around. If men cannot stand for how they think, than they definitely need to reform their thoughts. It is not about changing for once and for a place, but changing and getting the revolution for each activity and what they think is right!! It is all about explaining and making the difference which they want to see in the society as the men’s voices are more stronger in an Asian society, isn’t it??

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