I am sure you were waiting for the new food blog and the wait was twice as much as I download (2)wanted to share it with you guys. So here we present you the places where you can eat till you drop around town, not just shop till you drop. These are the eateries which have the yummiest food and do not burn a hole in your pocket. In fact you can eat and relish the food without looking at the menu for the price.

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And as I say, share in your experiences and the places that you have been to, so the other foodies can have a great time visiting these eateries. Also, I was thinking about other food blog topics, if you have any suggestions and choices you are welcome to let me know.

So, coming back to places where you can eat for four, the first which stands on the list is Tastemakers Home, Ekantkuna. This restaurant is pretty small but is crowded any time of the day. It is famous for momos and aalu dum. The service is very quick and the price on the menu will make you try each variety of dishes. This is one of the must go places if you are fond of Darjeeling momos.

The next restaurant that would be on the list will be Dega at Kantipath. The Newari cuisine is famous at this place and the food is really nice. The ambiance is not extraordinary and the settings are placed well. Similarly Tama, a restaurant which is at Gairidhara is always packed. This eating place is occupied by professionals during lunch. The location is central and the food when ordered reaches the customer in no time. The other day a bunch of us visited Tama for lunch and we ordered a lot of food. We were shocked when the waiter got the cheque and the figures were really less. A lot of difference is made when the service tax is not included on the bill and that’s exactly what happened at Tama.

12004026_937324019666685_4449578236525765758_nSo are these places where one can eat for four: Royal Rolls at New Road and Burger Shack at Jawlakhel. Royal rolls are placed on the first floor in the building on the main road whereas Burger Shack is a small café which has the most varied burgers in town. How could I forget Syanko at New Baneshwore, a place which has the best rolls in town? The eatery has a seating for three groups at once and there are many who don’t mind waiting or grabbing a roll whenever they can.

The next food blog is going to be about the places which should not be missed by KTMites or tourists who are looking out at the best restaurants from a local perspective.


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