And I don’t want this day to end:*

I wish the time would just stop and today never got over. There is no such reason but the alarm of marking another day in life is ticking soon. Yes, I am going to turn 27. There is an excitement as always, nervousness on not wanting to be old and  fear of reaching the latter twenties at the same time. I have always been super excited for my birthday each year, but this time seems to be a little different. This is surely not a sign of growing older but trying to love myself more. I have always been one of those who plan crazy for the day each year.

Every year has been so beautiful with different experiences and I feel so blessed with so images (4)many amazing people in my life. Last year was so much fun as these little girls made a treasure hunt for me. They made me run around the town to my best places, at my favorite restaurants and I was given a clue for the next place as I entered the former. The 25th birthday tops the list as it was epic, 25 crazy list of things on my 25th which had to fall on 25th October. There were times when I had to escape from my exam mode and make the most of the day and there was a time when I wished myself on air at one of my shows. The birthday nights at the hostel have been amazing and so have the surprises that are planned each year by my closest.

There are lists of things as always that has been planned myself for my birthday. One of them got completed today where I wanted to help people who work hard throughout day and night and earn very less. The other set continues till last week of December as the celebration goes on for more than a month.

And to think about it, it’s the way a person leads his/her life determines the number of years they have truly lived. I am super happy of the decisions I have taken, and choosing the path in this journey called life has been tough, yet awesome. I had a plan and a graph when I was 18; each stage was figured out at that young age. Now when I think about it, I innocently smile and register the things which were never thought of. Working in an advertising agency just happened and so did hosting shows at RVL Radio. Writing and travelling were my passion and I discovered and got involved in it at a later period. So did The KTM Drive which initially started with an idea. So all in all, the career changes, the travel experiences, the love for choosing the things that I love doing has made each day perfect. Hoping that the work of travel presenter takes me around the world. As I mark another year, I look forward to achieving these new wishes, still attracting the older dreams~

P.S:- Just got surprised with muffin cakes, calls, messages as the clock struck 12, and turning 27 doesn’t seem bad at all .

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