Some gossip, guesses and games at DNC:*



We wanted to fly kites with the kids at Disabled Newlife Center, similar to the event we conducted last year during Dashain. It was difficult for many to get there, since the place is far and the fuel crisis still exists around town. We were not sure on when the condition would be normal and had been postponing the event since long because of the situation. We realized that we should not be waiting more and got back with our events. The 56th event was special as the others and the charm of the event was like the previous time except we couldn’t fly kites this time.


We reached around two in the afternoon and the kids

IMG_20151031_144832_HDRwere happy to see us. They welcomed us and were wondering on what was in store for them today. They saw some new faces and were excited on what activities would take place. We were accompanied by Shashank, Shivam, Rishi, Pratham, Shreyansh and the little kid of five named Aryan. It was just the right team for the event as me neither Tsering knew how to fly a kite and were worried on how the event would take place.



To our surprise only Pratham knew how to prepare a kite to fly and he started with the work. IMG_20151031_144350_HDRNevertheless, everyone interacted with the kids. Somehow, the wind did not seem perfect for flying a kite and as we kept trying we failed. We had gotten the bunch of kids to the terrace and each one of them was desperately waiting to see the kite up in the air. To our dismay, the kite did not fly and we switched to playing games. We divided the members to two teams and started the game of guessing the movies given by the other team. The kids enjoyed it thoroughly and their acting was pretty impressive.



Muna made a beautiful drawing compiling all the events of The KTM Drive together. As we treated the kids with juices and ice-cream the day was well spent. And to add to it, for the first time we had a youngest naughty member Aryan who added all the spice to the event with his presence



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