Final Destination:*

There are moments which changes your life drastically, your life goes on up suddenly from a low or that sudden incident in your life makes you so stronger that you have never thought you could ever be. It is so strange when we realize the willpower that each one of us have and how we react to the most difficult and challenging situation. This can only be experienced and even we picture ourselves for the toughest battle, we would not be able to give reasoning to our answers.

As I write this article, I would like to ask the readers: Have you ever defeated death, has a second life been gifted to you?? It is so true that our future is all printed – for some they are colorful sooner and for some it stays black and white for a longer period. I believe in KARMA and totally think that when something has to happen, it will, no matter what.

The times that we feel that we have beaten death, and are getting on with our lives, it gives us a second chance to love the life that we have and make the most of each day. That situation where you could do anything to meet your loved ones for the last time, hug them tight and let them know how much you love them, that particular thought when you feel you could get a day to do the things that you would love doing without caring or being judged around. Some last words, hearing your own heart beat, breathing for a minute more, those just stay a wish.

The ones, who have had severe diseases and recovered, have been in the worst accidents but did not get scratched an inch in their body, seen deaths in front of them , been a part of natural calamity, army officers who fight for their motherland, bad travel experiences can totally relate to what this article is all about. Undoubtedly there are individuals who live each day as the last but as the quote says once bitten you are twice shy and it definitely implies as the thought of those incidents still give you those goose bumps and you treasure what living is.

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