Happiness is homemade:*

Whenever I get ready for the event, with the KTM Drive tee on, I feel like a super girl with an outburst of energy which can change mindsets, get positivity around and spread more love and happiness. I feel warm and content on how the events have been running and satisfied that these small steps are making the difference.


So with this we were thinking on what could be done for our next drive. With many thoughts we were confused about our next event, when one of our members suggested on projecting a movie to the kids. The idea was awesome and we started working on it. Tsering downloaded the animated movies and cartoons and we arranged the projector.

The kids at Chahari were waiting for us when we reached there. They IMG_20151128_134343were excited on seeing us and they had no idea what activity was going to happen. The television in the room was sent for repair and they had not watched cartoons for a long time. It was really nice seeing these girls. The last time we had met them was during drawing sessions that we conducted. The students reduced to twelve from sixteen and were trying to remember our names.




After a little introduction, we set the projector and the seats. Meanwhile, IMG_20151128_135805.jpgwe asked the kids to draw and write a wish, something that they wanted. Each one of them enjoyed their drawing and writing. While they were writing, I realized that the younger ones were using pencils which were smaller as them. On asking if they had a new one, the caretakers said that they leave behind the stationery at the school itself. They were patiently using the pencil while I wished I could get them a new each.


As we collected the papers and the kids watched the movies, we got them IMG-20151128-WA0010something to eat, drink and yes, pencils too. Lot of them had wished for pencils which they got the same day while the others will get their wish near Christmas. They loved the cartoons and we loved seeing them smile, laugh and giggle.



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