We added some more Greeners on our group:*

The last sets of saplings were to be given out before the plantation season was over. We were contemplating on conducting the event at the IMG_20151204_103609.jpgdepartmental store and giving free saplings to the consumers who visited the store or giving it at Euro kids to the naughtier lot.

Since the idea of adding younger greeners was selected, we went to the Euro Kids, Bansbari branch around 10.30 in the morning. We were three members from the KTM drive. As we were looking at the space and garden of the kindergarten, we saw the green shrub that we had planted last year. It stood tall and beautiful.  It made us proud and we started calculating the number of trees that we had planted so far. More than thousand saplings had been given out as we had drives at the malls, shopping centers and more than twenty schools were covered with “green event”. The green event was very simple. We made different groups of one class and asked them what green was, how a plant needed to be taken care of and why was

it so important. In the end, we gave one sapling to each group and they would plant it in the school premises with our guidance.  On one of our last events when we were planting saplings, the coordinator gave us a better idea on how could awareness be spread to a larger group. He advised us that we give saplings to the kids individually so they could plant it at their home.  We loved the idea and decided the same for our next events.


The day of the event had started. We saw the kids running towards us. It felt like they were out from the cage and had no idea on what was going to happen. They were really happy and excited. As they kept jogging around, it surely was a task to get them form a circle. Since we were three of us, we managed with the help of the teachers. Two of us (Shilpa and me) were explaining about roots, leaves, colors and how a sapling is to be planted while the other member (Neha) was entertaining the kids and making them play games.

Some of them were very smart and knew everything about the plant. It was amazing to see their energy and enthusiasm. We made two groups, one who had garden at their house and the others who would plant on the school grounds. It was a fun event for them as they had studied about plants in their previous classes. There was a lot happening amongst the kids. One showed us the whole process of plantation, which the other said that plants are required as they give out oxygen. I was surprised on hearing the information they shared with us. One of the kids said he did not want to plant as the sapling was dirty and the others wanted to play with the soil and dirt.

We made the kids name their plant and told them that we would come and see how well they are taking care of the tree. They promised us that they would plant with their family members.

We bid them goodbye and it made us realize once again how kids have the power to change the aura around, the mood and the innocence being spellbound. It left each one of us wanting to be a kid once again – carefree and relaxed.


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