Homemaker, a challenging profession:*

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The other day I went to my cousin’s birthday when I heard women in their late thirties debating about different career choices young girls makes after their studies. As I overheard their conversation, they were discussing how it is difficult for girls to manage professional and personal life and it ends with a compromise each time.

The majority of them were working ladies, and some of them had left their jobs once their kid was born. In my opinion, working professionally or being involved in different activities is a choice that one picks. It cannot be forced at unless the situation requires or such circumstances exist. There are women who have a job for the entire day, cook both the meals at home, and look after their kids. It surely gets hectic and tiresome, but they are up for the challenge. Undoubtedly things will be less perfect than the women who are involved in house chores throughout the day.

Who says staying at home and managing the house is an easy task? Who says grocery shopping, cleaning the house, checking on the storage of food or organizing everyone’s favorite food item is pretty simple considering the choice of seven different people in the house?? Managing and supervising the helpers and getting the work done faster can be related to the process of manufacturing certain product where there is a time constraint and a certain budget is to be followed for the best quality. While the best quality is served to the customers, there are the happiest; such is how the family runs. Being around the child and raising a kid is the toughest job if you are juggling between home chores and occupation. It would be an amazing combination if a woman can work things out and balance both completely.

There needs to be an equal participation and responsibility between a man and woman in today’s era to be a home-maker as both of them are career oriented. Since this thought will take some time to evolve, it should be accepted that home-maker is one of the challenging position one has accepted in life. With this, the hobby and interest of women should never be lost. Taking the time out for oneself and doing the things that one loves would add on perfectly to the chaotic day at work in home.

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