Its just not that complicated :*

An interesting question was asked by a listener at LOVE-A-LUTION on the love show that I host which I had no concrete answer to. I thought about it several times before I choose sides, but couldn’t come to a conclusion. It was one of those topics which could be spoken for the longest hours but there would be no winding up. Each one of us has our own experiences to share and each perspective is different. So the query was and still remains: – Are girls more complicated than boys?? This is in context of everything from taking decisions to relationship and more.

What do you think and what would your response be?? Majority of people will vouch for the opposite gender. Undeniably there will be a few girls who would say that the most difficult people to handle and live with are the women. It is because of the indecisive nature, insecurity about the person they have been with, trying to convey things indirectly and thinking deep. They reason out everything and would love the fairy tale land forever without being practical and realistic enough. I would totally disagree to this and would just say that everyone gets complicated once a while; it has nothing to do with the gender.

For instance, a girl expects to be pampered and connected each time because that is how the chase has always been to flatter a girl. That is the magic how a girl’s heart is swayed away. Men need to be responsible for giving false hopes and making things and moments perfectly perfect before getting hitched and not continuing. It stands both ways but the difference is that women emote constantly on how they feel and a man’s expression fades. All I am saying is one need to be the same person and the way they are and not make things extra ordinary. Woman are observers, teasers, and analyzers, they are mostly not direct and to the point. There are times when they say something and mean completely different. If one gets the tricks of what women want, things could be much simpler. Each individual is different and their traits and behavior explain how complex they can be.

On the other hand, boys do not say things at all, wouldn’t express on what is happening around them. They would want the girls to understand through the actions. The mysterious nature of theirs is attractive in the beginning but gets confusing with times. They might act differently in certain situations or express themselves, that doesn’t mean either is deeper or more complicated than the other. Everyone has reasoning behind their activities, and sometimes one needs to speak out loud on how they feel and what is going on. Words definitely speak more than actions.


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