Kids and their talks:*


Kids these days are much smarter as compared to a decade; many adjectives can go with smarter, they have become more informative, aware, the way they act and speak are twice their age . They are arrogant and demanding which is ignored when we see their innocence. All of us love spending time and watching kids perform unusual activities. They are fun to teach but at times handling kids for a few hours becomes a task, which is not easy.

24th Aug, 2014, was one such day when we went to Euro Kids, Bansbari, to conduct a plantation event with the children. As we had already spoken to the coordinator, we started the event at 10.45. Around six to seven teachers accompanied us, and got the kids ready. They were standing in two lines as soon as they were out of the gate. They were excited to be outside their normal routine and class.

We made them form group of 20 and taught them a little about green. Since they were kids of senior KG we wanted to make it an activity which they would love doing. We initially asked them if they have trees in their house. To that one of the kids responded that he has 100 trees, and we smiled. Some said they have flowers and started naming them. The voices were coming from everywhere and we had to trick them down by asking them another question about the roots of the sapling, and if they knew about different types and parts of trees. We also taught them on why a tree is important and made them chose a name for the shrub that they would plant themselves. The conclusion for the name of the plant took a while as the kids gave different options and could not choose one.

After the selection of names, the kids were excited to plant a sapling. There was this one kid who wanted to dig the hole by himself when the shovel was his size. We helped him and the other kids to plant and taught them how to take care of the sapling. They promised us that they would water every day and see it grow. The two hour event was amazing as we learnt, lived and grew with the kids. The carefree nature of theirs made us realize that life is all about the laughter and living it to the fullest. It was a two way teaching.


P.S:- How can we forget the kids answered all the questions confidently and their talks was unimaginable!! Lets see what happens tomorrow as we have another plantation event with kids 🙂

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