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All of us have been addicted to a sitcom once in our life time; moreover, there are couple of us who have been hooked on so bad, that a TV series needs to be watched to end our day. We switch from one episode to the other as we challenge ourselves not to complete the season which ends like a marathon. After the seasons have ended, we look for different interesting series choosing the genre that we would want to see next.

There are so many options to pick from the list which is so long, but there are only some that you are obsessed about. Do you remember any series which you have been so crazy on or any one character that you have been or are in love with? For many including me it has been SUITS, a USA network drama which revolves around the law firm in New York. It features Gabriel Match aka Harvey (a personality to die for complementing with super hotness), Patrick J. Adams as Mike (The smartest boy in town), Rick Hoffman (With the “Litt up” ideas), Sarah Rafferty ( The saviour and the godmother) and finally we have the perfect example of beauty and brain:- Gina Torres!! The group is just perfect to get the show going and so is the original soundtrack of the series.

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With plenty business deals and handling different situations, this series has something to itself which is super special. The summer season 4 is over and the wait for winter episodes is getting longer as it is about signing the senior partner and giving Louis Litt what he has been dreaming since forever, the name on the wall. So much has happened in these series and every episode still feels fascinating and is an attention grabber. The way Donna understands Harvey in and out, the bond between Harvey and Mike, how Harvey concludes asking permission from Jessica is harder than forgiveness, How Louis is loyal to the firm and wants the best for his workplace, his home, it is just awesome.

My favorite has always been Harvey, the way he closes deals and remains emotionally
images (12)distant from clients and is willing to do anything to win on a fairer note. Trying to work things out for everyone, the charm, the charisma that he portrays is perfect. The mysterious man has a different side to him where he cares about the people he is working with and makes sure that emotional side of his is never shown. There is something about Gabriel Match and Suits which is unexplainable. He was there in some of the episodes of Sex and the city but I wasn’t attracted to him as I am now.


As you wait for the next episode to go live on air, the excitement and the craze is more as you love the conversations and the equation at Pearson Specters and the one liner from favorite cast. The art of simplifying the circumstance and winning big each time is what Suits is all about. Giving the best in the field and playing the man and not the case defines the most splendid series.


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