We started talking about the craziest thing called love. The talks went on endlessly and from one topic to another we were switching like a cannonball. The conversation was interesting and we surely were in for gossip on a girl’s night out but I peculiarly remember how we spent more time talking about relationships.

After the amazing time I could just sum a relationship in these categories. It’s so strange how we get so attached to a person and that charisma and charm stays each day in a relationship. Even if you know a person and been in love for 5 years, a part of you still feels that you don’t know him or there is so much more to know about that person. This is what relationships are all about. You just don’t get to know how far is it going to go and how lovely things are going to be unless you are in one. Being in a relation is not just about the romantic times but just growing individually and learning from each other in each step of love.

The first groups of relationship are the one who cannot stay without a sight of each other. They are the being together forever – dependent ones and each other’s company is what they are longing for. Even if they are in different streams or career zone they would want to know the schedule – each and every thing about the other. Where are you going, whom are you with, where are you busy!!This leads to more of possession and trust me one in the couple compromises on how she/ he is. Just for the simple reason that he/ she cannot be what they are. They enter in a reality check zone once the distance is created and they cannot really do much about it but savor back to the friends that they are still holding on.

The next kinds accept on how their loved one is. They are really practical about things and they understand the value of years of friendship and the guy/ just met and they fell in love with. The best part is they can balance everything. They know their priorities and are crazy in love at the same time. Giving in space and at the same time a sense of commitment is what they believe in. It works out really perfect for them but as they don’t really complain about the things they don’t approve of being in a relationship, they keep it to themselves and it all comes up once.

You don’t plan on falling in love, or who the person is going to be, neither do you ever think that the bond is going to last that long. It just happens and you just don’t get to know how the months pass by and there you are falling in love all over again creating an amazing US from a only me .

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