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The lights were coming from various sides on the full moon night. It looked pretty as never before. Just looking at that view took my breath away. It always does. The clouds are surrounding the moon and the breeze is making the evening perfect. The stars are far across yet so clear and shining. Today it was special, it was different and everyone had noticed it. It was a blessing in disguise as the pedestrians walked, the bikes kept speeding up. One after the other I could see the vehicles past by me, the headlights of the cars were helping the bikes ride and people to walk. The cyclists have torches on their helmets. On the other side the ladies were carrying a torch light while they were heading to their destination and gossiping endlessly.

The evenings are less lively; the most that you can hear is horn and see the dust still on the air. Wonder when is that ever going to go away. It’s contagious and everyone walking is wearing a mask. Its late evening and people are still coming back from work. I notice a dozen of them using the lights on their phones to stroll on the streets.There are no street lights, its a dark road. My mind is now imagining how each day is trouble for our people to walk, drive vehicles, and use public commutation and most of us feel like we are playing video games and escaping the pot holes, but alas, the roads cannot be compared. The roller coaster rides, rocky surfaces is going to be the same for a while. There my eye suddenly goes to a 5 year old kid who is walking care free on the road, a dark lane and he is playing games with himself. He jumps and at no point is he scared of the dark and he is enjoying the bit of light coming from the moon and the vehicles running by his side. And there I see a hope of light in the dark.

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