Writing is Creating :*

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

Isaac Asimov

It is correctly said that once you start thinking there is no end to your thoughts. Writing gets all the creativity and wildest imagination out of you. It’s as interesting as you explore yourself and the level of ingenuity that you discover within you. When you express your thoughts it is just for you and when you just visualize there is no one judging and reading it , becomes perfect. I guess it does not really matter if someone does too. Some can relate and some cannot.

There is so much running in your mind at a certain point and there are so many random thoughts that keep coming time and again, whenever you write it down, there is some sense of pleasure and contentment that you receive. And if you are in a habit of giving in half an hour to your notion by jotting them down, your day could not get more perfect. We surely need time for the things that we really love to do and the craziest is when things do not turn out to be as you think it would be. So while starting to write a short love story, I thought I would just finish it off in a week, but apparently it’s been 4 weeks and I am just done with 2 chapters. There is so much to a story where you explicitly need to describe the characters and once you are doing that and when you are in motion, you need to describe the situation and add on the background of that situation. Once you are doing that any new person, or any new place coming in the story , you need to introduce them and keep the original flow of the story too and it definitely creates something awesome. You just get deeper and deeper in it and coming out of it in an unusual way makes an amazing writer.

Get in the habit of writing. Be it anything that you want- Your day to day stories, something that you see across, your expression, your view point about certain topic, humorous reads, something that will relieve you just by writing. Its an amazing experience to jot down your feelings and opinions and not for anyone else, just for you !!

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