Since I have been hearing a lot of discourse from various family members and listening to The Bhagwat Geeta, there are many learning’s and enlightenment that is happening every day in my life. It does try to give answers to questions that I have been enquiring about life and death, why the structure of this universe strange, which connects individuals when they have to disconnect by the end. Why does God call all the good people so soon, what is the ultimate goal of a human, how the body that we are living is not ours and how the soul stays eternal which takes form in different bodies? How is one eligible for Mokshya in their life and why does something like this happen to a person who is composed, and has always been a part of good Karma? Why do we believe that life is in our hands, while we are mere puppets? How do I see the positive side of this time, when there is none?

In The Bhagwat Geeta, there are many other questions that Arjuna has and how Lord Krishna sums up all of this and patiently answers all the questions of Arjuna. All of it makes us understand life better, but we as humans have that nature on getting back to the same feeling and finding the unknown. We realize on what’s happening around us yet are ignorant. I won’t blame humans as we are left to live in this world to eat, pray and love.

I still try to reason out lot of things and might do that throughout my life. I still want to know more even if it gets complicated to comprehend or there might not be an answer to my questions. I do not know till when will this feeling be there nor do I suppose that time will heal this because there is no healing in this situation. While I discuss this with my friend he asks me one question which is “Were you ever curious about this topic and had these questions anytime else during your life”?

To this I am amazed and I ask myself how these questions popped up one after the other while something so unexpected happened in my life. These were never spoken about or discussed on. I had spoken to my dad the previous night and the next morning he was no more. We all know that with birth comes death, but this incident did not leave any time for each one of us to process. I had never fought for anything with God until last week. As I write this I get a text from my cousin who says “Before you start hunting answers to the questions, think about it, what happens when you get the answers, nothing changes apart from the fact, that there is an increase in your satisfaction level. The more you focus on the “Why’s” the more pain you will feel”

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