The situation of my homeland:*

With the ongoing blockade for over ninety days,

There are many who are suffering without pay,

With the fights, chaos and struggle at the border,

There are thousands whose lives have been out of order.

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Kathmandu has winters like never before,

What is happening on the outskirts, is so sore,

People have been dying from frost and cold,

Even the numbers on papers aren’t printed in bold.


It has been hard for families to cook meals,

The transformers blow up so does the bills,

The electricity is off for more than twelve hours,

It gets hard to use the induction cookers, on the power.


The struggle is not just for switching lights in the dark,

The infinite lines of vehicles near the petrol pump parked,

Our life has not just been revolving around these,

There are countable gas cylinders, medicines and trees.

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When there is no stock of gas or electricity to charge inverters,

Residents are cooking on wood burners  for starters,

This is complicated and hard in itself, as the wood is scarce,

In conclusion, to eat a hot cooked meal at each household is rare.

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What more could the consequence be, with the school closed not free,

When would the government rise and stop to spree,

How can we tolerate this nuisance that’s prolonged?

With our lives on stake, passing each day and break of dawn!!


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