There is so much to give:*

Last few events at Ktm Drive has made me realize that there is so much to give, and the more that I have gotten involved in social activities, it feels that we have been doing such less work. There are kids who are struggling to live another day, physically challenged who have never experienced a full functioning body, many who cannot afford one time meal, and some who have never seen their parents.


All of this makes me wonder how granted we have taken our life and very few of us imagesare grateful about the things and people we are blessed with.  It makes me reason on how God could be unfair giving people so much pain. Aren’t all of us from the same creator, then why do we have such inequality?

There are many children who do not eat food without watching television and situations when parents are feeding their child are a common sight. Some waste a part of their meals and are the stubborn lot who do not value food. It is not just about children but adults are a victim too. We are deeply tangled in our lives that we miss out on the basics. We might be complaining about how tough the times are, and things which are not going as per our plan while there are some who do not know the meaning of a chart, because they do not have many days to plan their life. The most that we can do is give our time at these places, to these people. Helping the less fortunate by giving them eateries, stationeries, and puzzle books is a great idea but it would be a “cherry on the cake” if we could spend time and explain the kids on how to solve the puzzle. This is when the real act of giving comes in. They desire the time that we can give so they can share their stories, play games and feel connected with someone they have just met.

There are two incidents which shook my heart and left a deeper impact in my 12431699_10156326304855398_873491261_njourney. One was meeting HARKE, this kid is about 9 years old. We met him at Disabled Recreation Center, while we were sponsoring the kids from the organization for their education.  He did not look at us and was really scared because it was his first day. On getting to know his story, he was playing with his friends in the village and thought the electricity wire was a rope. He got electrocuted and lost both his hands. He was taken to the school where the other kids study, named Gokarneshwor Mahadev, but the principal suggested it would be very hard for Harke to adjust to the environment. We looked out for his treatment after that, but to our dismay, it could not be done in Nepal. There is a Korean team who has made a documentary on him and we hope that he gets back what he has lost. The next time when I visited DRC, which was after 4-5 months, he was happily smiling and flaunting his Spiderman costume. He played carom board with his leg and smiled at me for making him drink the juice that we offered.


The next one was when we visited the Kanti Bal hospital on Christmas day. The dayIMG_20151225_122245 went deep, thoughtful and content. As we got wishes to them, we were Santa for
the kids suffering from cancer. They were in different stages of cancer and each one of them was differently diagnosed. One of them was 8 months old and had no idea on what was happening as he smiled and played. He was suffering from blood cancer. Ankita, who had lost her hair cried in pain when the chemo session started. My thoughts went blank and I wondered these gifts were nothing on the suffering they had been going through. It was hard to see her cry, as much as we distracted her, the ache was hers and we could do nothing about it. IMG_20151225_140059
There was this other kid who had come from Bara and his parents did not have money to pay in for the next therapy session. We could help them with one cycle, and hopefully we could do it for the rest too.


These incidents left me amazed and I marvel how life turns up for some and why do we ponder over the smallest things in life. It is sad to accept that we want a reminder now and then to appreciate the significance around us, to learn that we have no problem breathing, to realize that we are able enough to help the less privileged.  We need to understand that there is way more to giving than just giving.

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