What type of traveler are you?

All of us love traveling. We enjoy visiting new places and exploring different countries. As much as there is constant planning before travel, which could be holidays from work, finances to be sorted, people to go with, the whole itinerary, documentation that is required for a visit to the new country, there is an arrangement that needs to be done while we are on the road too. The planning is always on. Also, after the awesome trip, there is another form of planning that happens when we are back from the vacation, for the next set of holidays that we aspire of, especially during the times of vacation hangover.

All of this, mentioned above, also depends on the type of traveler that we are. Some people want to roam around in a budget so they accommodate more trips per year, while some want to enjoy that particular place with more luxury. With so much of information available online, people these days have started to book their tickets and accommodation by themselves. There are many, who do a lot of research beforehand, they are the early risers, stay out late, make the most out of everything a new place has to offer and do not want to miss anything. They think that this is the only time they will be visiting that town/city because the world is huge and there are so many places to see.

Then we have an entirely different type which is called the backpackers, who travel without any rules. This set indulges themselves in every opportunity they get and are in for any type of circumstance. This group is very flexible with time and the places they visit. They only book their one-way ticket and believe that everything will fall in place. There are another set of travelers, who travel to take their mind off from the regular norm, be it the same destination, again and again, it doesn’t matter to them. This is mostly for people who are overworked and are traveling around their work holiday schedules. They have to travel.

Then we have these categories. Some do make the most of their journey on a business trip, while for some it is not the main goal as they are too consumed with their work. We all know of people around us who are the daredevils, they always find new exotic things to do, which are never heard of. Many do make the most of their long holidays, squeezing in a day and making it a trip of their lifetime. Some prefer to travel solo while some can only get out of their comfort zone when they are in a group.

As much as traveling has picked up in our generation, where we have many trips in a year, there were times when the family would go for a holiday once a year, or sometimes once in two years. In all of this, what we need to ask ourselves, is it travel that we love or is it the societal obligation that is making us travel. There was a time when some travelers wouldn’t mind going to the same place again, while its all about the new destinations now.


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