While they said, and I thought

And they say everyone has to leave one day,

Around us, there will be no one who will stay,

They say, it is a vicious circle of life, that will remain,

We need to be practical and accept the playing game.


19 months that you left us today,

Can’t say how we feel every single day,

The feeling is the same as that second week of Jan,

While they said time will heal, why should it, their only plan.


The emotions at times, I say it is alright to be in distress,

Because it is only the memory that we have, not the presence.

I say it wouldn’t be easy and shouldn’t be too,

It is someone that we have loved, the one out of the few.


One day is your turn and the next day could be my cord,

We accept it all except the last part, the last word,

Why are we not pragmatic during this situation?

There is no answer to this, no justification.



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