A letter from Dad

My heart knows that dad wanted to say so many things to each one of us. He must have had so many emotions that he wanted to share, before he bid us goodbye forever. I know he will always be around us and forever sounds incorrect, but that is what the truth of life has shown us in the most unpredictable manner. Each one of us remembers him with the fondest of memories; every person that he knew and got connected has a sense of admiration for who he was, what he believed and how he lived his quality life. Here I am trying to write what he would have wanted to say to all the ones who have been left behind.

“I know it has been really really hard for you, so has been for me. I didn’t want to leave my memories, when I could add much more reminisces in your life. He chose me to make you what you are today, see how strong you can be in life, to understand that the circle of life and death needs to be understood by each one of us, and the ultimate goal that each one of us have in life needs to be changed. There is more to life than we actually think it is. I know that my daughters are going to take extra care of the family as I am there to guide them in each step of their lives. They are going to be the connector of the family as I was. I know that my dad will miss me during his lunches and morning tea but I am sure the others will just be next to him as I am. I know all my brothers and sisters are holding themselves up and trying to be strong as I would have in their place. I know the garden will have changes as my love for gardening is never going to wash away. I know that the evening and morning walks will happen as I am always around. I am in the hearts of each one you, and I am right here when you need to connect, it’s just that I can no more be seen. I know it was too soon, and very quick, and I wish I could do something about it. If it were in our hands, I would tell everyone to take good care of them, as I told Surya for the cows. Ultimately, I know my void will always be felt, but I am around giving everyone the power they need”

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